17 Jun 2019

Caolan McMahon

I live in Sheffield, UK where I work as a freelance software developer. I write mostly JavaScript, Scheme, Python, and Rust, and I like to release my work as open source software.

I'm perhaps most widely known for creating the Async module for Node.js, but I've worked on many other open source projects too.

For five years I was the organiser of Sheffield JS and have given talks at events like QCon San Francisco, QCon London, Full Frontal, LXJS and others, as well as speaking at various meetups around the world.

Professionally, I've consulted on data synchronisation, offline-enabled software, and event-based systems, and my code has been deployed from the far north of Canada to rural Africa.

You can follow my projects (and random thoughts) on my blog.

Alas, there is no comments feature on this website, but if you have any questions or advice please feel free to contact me via email and I'll do my best to respond to you directly.

Me at Sheffield JS, Union St. Co-working Space
Figure 1: Me at Sheffield JS, Union St. Co-working Space